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Our culture & values

Rubicon Technology Partners was founded on a set of core values that have driven not only the way we operate as a firm, but also the way we interact with our portfolio companies, executives, investors and prospective portfolio companies. At Rubicon, our approach to everything we do is:

  • Transparent
  • Direct
  • Collaborative
  • Team oriented

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“I love working with Rubicon…we have this open, honest, collaborative relationship that really seems to work.”

Mark Johnson, President, Gimmal

Our value creation framework

RTP Change Management is a proven set of proprietary processes, best practices and a portfolio-wide engagement model designed specifically to help enterprise software companies grow and scale.  Our goal is for our companies to reach their full potential by leveraging our experience, process framework and the benefit of the collective experiences of other Rubicon portfolio companies through a collaborative portfolio engagement platform.  Rubicon’s portfolio engagement platform offers access to executives that have experience in solving similar issues as they have scaled and grown their companies and adopted RTP Change Management approaches.

The RTP Change Management framework was designed to help accelerate growth by addressing problems that are common to all enterprise software companies as they scale and need to operate differently in order to grow.  Some examples of the types of challenges that we have helped address are:

  • Maintaining competitive product advantage as your customer base, solution set and sources of input for your roadmap grows (the innovator’s dilemma);
  • Continuing to delight your customers when your engagement model needs to scale with an increasingly large and demanding customer base;
  • Expanding your sales coverage model while ensuring the same quality of knowledge and performance at the point of sale – that is, making a larger number of quota carrying sales representatives as effective as your current best one;
  • Executing on an acquisition strategy focused on market share and product capabilities – not just how you buy companies but how you effectively integrate them to maximize synergy;
  • Attracting and motivating the best people in a highly competitive enterprise software hiring market; and
  • Building a back-office infrastructure that will support growth, acquisitions, and ultimately a successful exit.

Our engagement model

The differentiated way Rubicon engages with its portfolio companies and executive teams begins before we even make an acquisition.  We spend significant time getting to know the full management team and ensure they contribute to and are aligned around the strategic and operational plans.  This allows the combined team to hit the ground running from day one with no surprises after an investment is completed.

Rubicon’s ongoing engagement model consists of board meetings that focus purposeful discussion around the key strategic and operational issues facing the business.  Portfolio companies also have access to the extensive library of best practices and examples from across our portfolio, a collaboration platform to interact with executives from our other portfolio companies, and the hands-on operating experience of the Rubicon team.

We believe in the power of our collective experiences to transform businesses, and host an annual Executive Conference to strengthen the peer-to-peer network across our portfolio, share best practices and solve common issues facing our businesses.  Additionally, our collaboration platform provides continuous access to peers with similar experiences in scaling and growing enterprise software companies and addressing common issues using our process framework.

“It’s a great framework, but what really breathes life into that framework is the access to the individuals at Rubicon. We use the framework as a place to start, but then we’re able to adapt it – because of their involvement – to our specific circumstances.”

Ray Carey, CEO, Astute

“This [pre-close executive alignment meeting] really is incredible and far more insightful than I thought possible at this stage of our working together. You guys really, truly understand our business and I am absolutely convinced you are the right partner for us to scale with in the coming years. My team and I can’t wait to get started!”

Matt Stevens, CEO, AppNeta

“All in all I think this was a wonderful event. The way it was arranged…really spurred people to communicate and talk with other folks in the portfolio. By the time I left I felt like I had real connections with people in every company. People I could call and get help from or who could call on me if needed.”

Portfolio company executive attendee at Executive Conference

“I came not really knowing what to expect and left very energized with a plan to move forward with.”

Portfolio company executive attendee at Executive Conference

“The value of the connections and better understanding the vision for the portfolio as a whole was immeasurable. The investment shows your commitment to our success and that is greatly appreciated.”

Portfolio company executive attendee at Executive Conference