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Project Description

BrandMaker is the leading software provider for effective marketing operations. BrandMaker gives enterprise marketers visibility and control of their marketing and finance processes. The enterprise-level modular Marketing Ops solution turns marketing into a business-building powerhouse by letting marketing leaders get on top of their budgets, people workflows, campaigns, and marketplace performance. BrandMaker is made to tame the complexity of multinational marketing. Equipping companies to work across borders, cultures, and silos comes naturally to us. Accordingly, independent research firms recognize BrandMaker as a leader in marketing operations. More than 300 leading companies, including Best Buy, Bayer, Daimler, and Avantor, trust in our solutions to increase their effectiveness in marketing planning and execution.

Add-on Acquisitions

Allocadia is a marketing performance management platform that supports marketing-specific budget planning & management use cases. It helps enterprise marketing teams track current spend versus allocated budget, perform budget reallocations across various campaigns and operating initiatives, and manage overall strategic planning. BrandMaker acquired Allocadia in July 2021.

Hive9 is a leading marketing performance management solution. It supports use cases related to marketing planning, financial management, and performance tracking, with particular emphasis on a goal-driven approach to measuring marketing effectiveness supported by real-time attribution capabilities. BrandMaker acquired Hive9 in September 2021.

Year of investment: 2021

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: Karlsruhe, Germany


Leading SaaS provider of effective and scalable Marketing Operations Management