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Our team consists exclusively of experienced software investors and operators. We are a highly values-based firm based on concepts of collaboration, transparency, and candid communication. Our culture drives everything we do.

Jeff Bai
Jeff BaiAssociate
Alison Beyer
Alison BeyerPrincipal
Blase Capelli
Blase CapelliVice President
Steve Carpenter
Steve CarpenterPartner
Vincent Chao
Vincent ChaoPartner
Yong Cho
Yong ChoAssociate
Carley Endersbe
Carley EndersbeSenior Accountant
Jon Franke
Jon FrankeChief Financial Officer, Partner
John Hodge
John HodgePartner
Evan Howell
Evan HowellPrincipal
Jennifer Kirkland
Jennifer KirklandController, Vice President
Alex Kleiner
Alex KleinerPartner
Nick Le
Nick LeAssociate
Dan Levy
Dan LevyPartner
Tyler Manci
Tyler ManciVice President
JD Martin
JD MartinPrincipal
Jazary Olvera
Jazary OlveraVice President
Jenny Pikman
Jenny PikmanVice President
Kirsten Porter
Kirsten PorterPartner
Stephen Quinzi
Stephen QuinziAssociate
Theo Sholly
Theo ShollyAssociate
Garrett Welch
Garrett WelchAssociate
Jason Winsten
Jason WinstenPartner
Connor Yakish
Connor YakishAssociate
Andy Gesell
Andy GesellSenior Advisor