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Our team consists exclusively of experienced software investors and operators. We are a highly values-based firm based on concepts of collaboration, transparency, and candid communication. Our culture drives everything we do.

Steve Carpenter
Steve CarpenterPartner
Vincent Chao
Vincent ChaoPrincipal
Jake Decker
Jake DeckerAssociate
Michael Fan
Michael FanVice President
Andy Gesell
Andy GesellPartner
John Hodge
John HodgePartner
Alex Kleiner
Alex KleinerPrincipal
Dan Levy
Dan LevyPrincipal
Tyler Manci
Tyler ManciAssociate
Kirsten Porter
Kirsten PorterPrincipal
Shreya Reddy
Shreya ReddyAssociate
Brett Rosenbluth
Brett RosenbluthAssociate
Alec Schmidt
Alec SchmidtSenior Associate
Jason Winsten
Jason WinstenPartner