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Rubicon Technology Partners is an operationally focused private equity firm focused on partnering with founders and management teams of enterprise software companies to help grow their businesses.

Here’s what makes us different:


Rubicon was founded on a set of core values that drive how we interact with our portfolio companies, our investors, and ourselves. We invest in businesses that have their own strong culture that is aligned with ours around qualities such as transparency, collaboration, and accountability.


The best results are driven by effective partnerships, which are created by alignment of interests and a common view of success. Everything we do, from common equity structures to engagement models that focus on what matters, is designed to ensure alignment with our management partners.


Our team consists exclusively of experienced professionals that have invested in and operated enterprise software companies throughout their careers. Our entire approach is based on a deep understanding of how software companies scale with growth and can achieve a leadership position in their market.


Rubicon’s approach is to help management teams build better businesses that lead their markets and deliver value to their customers. This includes foundational processes to achieve greater scale, applying a thoughtful approach to M&A focused on creating market leaders, and collaborating with companies that have executed similar strategies.

“Rather than being a pure shareholder or investor, Rubicon is actually a partner. That is truly unique. They take the time to understand our business and the issues we face and it makes us more agile as an organization.”

Wayne Sim, CEO, Aucerna