Grow Forward. Lead Markets.
Three men sitting on grey couches in front of a window
Two men sitting on a grey couch in front of a window

01 Align

A United Vision

We focus on helping you transform your company into a true strategic market leader — without compromising what made you successful in the first place.

A woman in a tan shirt.

Pre-investment alignment is the cornerstone of our approach.

Before we invest, we sit down with you to review everything we’ve found during diligence, from third-party reports to key insights. We make sure we’re aligned on what your future will look like and how we can help get you there, so that we can map a path to follow together.

To us, alignment doesn’t mean incomprehensible spreadsheet models and endless task lists.

It means understanding your market and our role in expanding your leadership position. Our deal isn’t done until we agree on a truly collaborative, highly versatile plan — because when it comes to the pitfalls and snags that go with building great companies, flexibility is essential.

02 Engage

Teamwork, Plain and Simple

In our opinion, “partner” is the most overused (and mis-used) term in private equity. Our engagement model isn’t based on micro-detailed reporting templates and meaningless metrics — it’s based on contributing tangible, strategic value.

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You’re not looking for someone to try to do your job.

You’re looking for added value that only a software industry expert with a track record of success and an in-depth understanding of your business can provide. And that’s exactly our niche.

But don’t ask us — .

We focus on what really matters.

Three men and one woman around a conference table with a window in the background.
Two men at a conference table with a window in the background.
We focus on what really matters.
Strategic Decision Frameworks
We have the experience to swiftly and successfully grow market leaders, and you know your business, your customers and your market inside out. We skip the meaningless reporting templates and busywork to get straight to lending you our expertise so we can pull the trigger on key strategic decisions together.
Peer Exchange Network
When it comes to collaboration among our partners, we consider annual summits the bare minimum. From pressure-testing strategies to simply catching up, our executives are always plugged into the entire Rubicon network because we dedicate significant resources to continuous, real-time engagement on current, business-relevant topics.
Process Where It Matters
We don’t strive for uniformity across our portfolio — we understand and appreciate that companies operate differently for good reason. We build on what made you great by leveraging our experience with the software industry’s most effective practices so that you can evolve as you scale.
Continuous Improvement
We’re invested in constant evolution, and we partner with leaders who are on the same page. We're as confident in our ability to grow your business as we are in your ability to strengthen ours. Through open communication and exchange, our partners inspire new approaches that sharpen our strategies and benefit our entire portfolio.

03 Accelerate

Swift and Sustainable Growth

Building a market leader is hard work. It takes just the right mix of experience and expertise, and a commitment to building value from the ground up — instead of cutting corners to achieve profitability. And with the right partnership, it can be a lot of fun.

Our experience and approach can help you rapidly scale to market leadership through M&A and structural organic growth initiatives. Let us combine our experience building market leaders with your specialized expertise in your market.

The statement quoted above was made by an executive of a Rubicon portfolio company. Such executive has not received compensation for the above statement and this statement is solely his or her opinion and representative of his or her experience with Rubicon. Other portfolio company executives may not necessarily share the same views. A Rubicon portfolio company executive may have an incentive to make a statement that portrays Rubicon in a positive light as a result of the executive’s ongoing relationship with Rubicon and any influence Rubicon may have over the governance of the portfolio company and the compensation of its executives. It should not be assumed that Rubicon’s investment in such portfolio company has been or will ultimately be profitable.

04 Lead

Your Potential Realized

We understand that transparency and alignment are key to scaling to market leadership. That’s why we’re able to build intrinsically competitive companies together with our partners. And it shows — on average, our companies more than triple their growth rate and quadruple their size after joining our portfolio.

Two men and one woman sitting around a round conference table in red leather chairs.

That is the value of market leadership.