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Who are we?

Rubicon Technology Partners was established in 2012 as a lower-middle market private equity firm focused on partnering with founders and management teams of enterprise software companies to help grow and scale their businesses. We are a true partner to the companies we invest in using a collaborative engagement model as well as a direct and candid approach.


Rubicon enables companies to adapt to the changing requirements of their businesses as they grow and scale using a proven set of proprietary processes, best practices and a portfolio-wide engagement model called RTP Change Management.  Our goal is for our companies to reach their full potential by leveraging our toolkit and the benefit of the collective experiences of other Rubicon portfolio companies through a collaborative portfolio platform.

Our investment focus

Rubicon focuses on control investments in platform enterprise software companies with revenues between $20M – $100M and add-on enterprise software investments of all sizes. We target equity investments of $25M – $150M, invest in the same class of equity as management, and use conservative capital structures to create alignment and provide businesses with the flexibility to reach their growth potential.

Rubicon uses a variety of transaction types including buyouts and recapitalizations of closely held private companies, shareholder liquidity events, and corporate carve-outs.  We focus on growth strategies including go-to-market expansion, add-on acquisitions, and investing to expand product leadership.

“Unique in the industry, Rubicon’s pari passu common share structure is a significant alignment vehicle for management teams and Rubicon”

Wayne Sim, CEO, 3esi-Enersight

Our investment criteria

Rubicon invests in companies where we can uniquely contribute as a partner in helping the company grow and scale, and where the management team also shares that perspective. Strong alignment with management teams is core to our investment approach and process. Rubicon invests in enterprise software companies that have demonstrated the ability to capture market share with:

  • Market-leading product capabilities
  • Sustainable technology advantage
  • Alignment with market buying drivers
  • Proven ability to execute