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Project Description

Personify is the leading solution provider that empowers the best constituent-focused organizations to succeed. Personify’s suite of products and services enable organizations to better understand, engage, manage, and monetize the relationships with their constituents in a manner that benefits everyone involved. As an organization’s technology foundation, Personify captures and provides insight across all constituent interactions, allowing them to maximize engagement and drive revenue.

Add-on Acquisitions

Small World Labs is a leading community and social collaboration platform for constituent -focused organizations. The platform provides the extensive collaboration, communication and sharing capabilities to create rich digital environment and experience for supporters, members, volunteers, and other constituents of non-profit organizations. Personify acquired Small World Labs in November 2015.

Wild Apricot is a leading constituent engagement platform for small associations, clubs, and regional chapters of larger national & international organizations. Wild Apricot’s cloud-based SaaS solution helps constituent-based organizations manage their membership, website, events and other critical organizational activities. Personify acquired Wild Apricot in September 2017.

Year of investment: 2013

Portfolio status: Exited (2018)

Headquarters: Austin, TX


Marketing leading constituent management software platform in the US