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Project Description

Uplight is the leading provider of demand side management, energy analytics, marketplace, utility personalization, and home energy management solutions to the energy ecosystem. Uplight provides software and services to more than 85 North American electric and gas utilities, serving 110 million homes and businesses, with the mission of motivating and enabling energy users and providers to accelerate clean energy adoption. Its products form a unified, end-to-end customer experience that’s proven at an enterprise scale, yet nimble enough to deliver innovative solutions quickly. Utility leaders at all levels rely on Uplight and its customer-focused digital energy experiences to improve customer satisfaction, deliver energy and capacity outcomes, reduce service costs, increase revenue, and reduce carbon emissions.

Add-on Acquisitions

Eeme provides device-level disaggregation technology that helps residential energy customers understand how their home uses energy. Uplight acquired Eeme in December 2018.

EnergySavvy provides tools for utilities to improve and automate customer interactions and residential energy customers to perform home energy assessments. Uplight acquired EnergySavvy in May 2019.

FirstFuel provides energy insights and analytics to utilities’ commercial and industrial customers, allowing them to understand savings opportunities and rate optimization. Uplight acquired FirstFuel in June 2019.

Simple Energy provides utilities with branded marketplaces that allows residential energy customers to buy and receive instant rebates on energy efficient and connected home devices such as smart thermostats, LED lighting, and personal voice assistants. Uplight acquired Simple Energy in July 2019.

Ecotagious provides residential energy customers with personalized energy insights based on smart meter disaggregation and behavioral science. Uplight acquired Ecotagious in July 2019.

Year of investment: 2018

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado

Website: https://uplight.com

Market leader in consumer engagement platforms for utilities