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Project Description

QSR International is a leading provider of software for academic institutions, including Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Cambridge. Its products support mixed methods research and qualitative data analysis, helping researchers to collect and analyze unstructured data from sources such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups. In addition, QSR provides software for student placement, which supports university administrators in streamlining the placement of students into workforce programs.

Add-on Acquisitions

Planet Software

Planet Software is a leading provider of student placement software for universities. QSR International acquired Planet Software in January 2019.

Citavi provides reference management and knowledge organization software to academic and commercial market segments, allowing students, academics and commercial researchers to identify, navigate, organize, and properly cite sources in academic and other research applications. QSR International acquired Citavi in February 2021.

Year of investment: 2018

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Website: www.qsrinternational.com

Global leader in qualitative data analytics tools for research institutions