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Project Description

Cin7 is a leading provider of cloud-based inventory management software that allows small- and mid-market enterprises to integrate and automate their back-end inventory logistics with multiple online and offline sales channels. The extensive functionality of the company’s solution provides mission-critical software that helps businesses optimize inventory, lower costs and maximize cash flow by providing a single platform to solve the complex mechanics of buying, billing and shipping inventory across multiple distribution channels.

Add-on Acquisitions

Orderhive is a cloud-based software solution that brings order, shipping and inventory management functionalities in one platform with a focus on high-volume, high-velocity ecommerce sellers. The platform facilitates multi-channel order processing, streamlines back-end processes, and maintains a real-time inventory tracking system.

DEAR is a cloud-based inventory management software platform serving thousands of small-to-medium sized retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and eCommerce product sellers. DEAR brings a simple, easy-to-use interface and broad partner network that helps it efficiently serve its global customer base.

Year of investment: 2019

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: Denver, CO


Leading provider of cloud-based inventory management software