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Project Description

Organizations deserve to spend time on what really matters​. Gimmal simplifies the management of information where it exists​ with software solutions that establish a new standard for information governance​. Gimmal provides software solutions for information governance, compliance, and ERP integration to make it easier to find information, govern content, improve business processes, and ensure records are in compliance no matter where they are stored.

Add-on Acquisitions

RecordLion offers cloud-ready integration and in-place governance and records management for use with file sharing. RecordLion reduces time and costs associated with migration of content from unmanaged network file shares or legacy systems and modernizes the digital workplace strategy. Gimmal acquired RecordLion in February 2017.

ECM Wise is a customer-focused company that combines technical skills, experience, and methodologies to deliver migration software and other complex enterprise content management solutions. Gimmal acquired ECM Wise in October 2020.

Infolinx creates and deploys physical records and information management software, enabling global organizations to successfully manage and protect their most important physical records. Gimmal acquired Infolinx in November 2020.

Sherpa provides cloud-based data discovery and governance software that allows enterprises to locate, classify, remediate and protect structured and unstructured data on any Windows device connected to the internet to mitigate risk and comply with internal information and data governance policies. Gimmal acquired Sherpa in May 2021.

Year of investment: 2017

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: Houston, TX


Leading records governance and compliance solution for regulated industries