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Project Description

ABOUT (formerly Central Logic) offers a flexible, purpose-built solution that empowers hospitals and health systems to operate as one connected network of care. The Company enables easy access for clinicians to move patients into and out of the acute care setting – getting them to the next, best care setting faster and easier – providing health systems the necessary controls and insights to grow with resilience, drive clinician effectiveness, and improve patient outcomes.

Add-on Acquisitions

Ensocare’s suite of cloud-based software solutions automate the patient referral process, making transitions of care more efficient while ensuring an optimum patient and staff experience. Ensocare can help case management teams reduce length of stay, minimize avoidable days, eliminate manual processes, ensure compliance with Medicare’s Conditions of Participation (CoP) and dramatically cut down on clerical hours spent focused on patient discharge, freeing up staff to spend more of their time working at top of license. ABOUT (formerly Central Logic) acquired Ensocare in October 2020.

Acuity Link is a comprehensive communications and logistics management platform that links healthcare systems with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers and ambulance crew members for all levels of care and modes of transportation. With Acuity Link’s technology, organizations benefit from instant access to the closest available and most suitable transportation resources, reducing bottlenecks that impact patient flow, leading to shorter discharge times, and in turn, enhanced patient care and experience. ABOUT (formerly Central Logic) acquired Acuity Link in December 2020.

Year of investment: 2020

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: St. Paul, MN

Website: www.abouthealthcare.com

Leading provider of software solutions orchestrating patient access across the continuum of care