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Project Description

OutMatch is a leading provider of talent analytics solutions that enable businesses to optimize both candidate selection and post-hire development through an end-to-end platform that integrates talent assessments, video interviewing, reference checking, and culture analytics. The OutMatch platform leverages its 100+ million assessments completed to generate unparalleled data-driven insights, allowing many of the world’s largest companies, including major hospitality brands, airlines, banking institutions, and professional services firms, to maximize the lifetime value of their employee-base.

Add-on Acquisitions

LaunchPad offers a recruitment automation software platform that brings together best-in-class video interviewing technology and process automation workflow solutions to form a seamless employee selection process and candidate experience. LaunchPad’s turnkey solutions enable customers worldwide to optimize their hiring processes for candidates and recruiters, make better hiring decisions, and improve ROI on recruiting dollars. OutMatch acquired LaunchPad in September 2020.

FurstPerson is an industry leading provider of pre-hire assessment tools including job simulations, with a specific focus on frontline service, support, and sales positions. FurstPerson helps companies worldwide improve their quality of hire by creating hiring models that are linked to performance outcomes, increasing the likelihood of hiring an individual that fits the job and reducing employee churn. OutMatch acquired FurstPerson in October 2020.

Checkster provides best-in-class automated pre-hire reference checking and post-hire talent insights solutions to customer worldwide. Checkster’s pre-hire solution captures data and feedback during critical points in the hiring process, consolidating this information into actionable insights that empower business leaders to make better talent decisions and build high performing teams. Checkster’s post-hire tools bridge the gap between talent selection and job performance, enabling managers to more effectively measure and improve employee performance and reduce employee churn. OutMatch acquired Checkster in November 2020.ge this text.

Year of investment: 2020

Portfolio status: Current

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Website: www.outmatch.com

Market leading provider of talent analytics and assessments solutions